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Food safety inspection of milk powder storage tanks

Our Services

Minimize the risk of a food safety failure to avoid significant impact on financials and brand equity.

We work with investors, manufacturers, processors, foodservice, distribution centers, and others, to provide the tools necessary to navigate food safety landmines. Our goal is to protect our clients' companies, brands, and stakeholders by developing comprehensive food safety and regulatory compliance strategies.

Food Safety Due Diligence

Our comprehensive Food Safety Assessment will provide you with an evaluation of the effectiveness of the company's food safety programs, available resources, and the top-down, bottom-up support of those programs. In addition, we provide a recommended strategy to tackle any identified gaps.

Regulatory Compliance

Significant changes have taken place with food regulations over the past 20 years and there are more changes to come. We can ensure you are compliant with FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Food Code, USDA/FSIS, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, or others, and provide you an outlook for the future.

Microbiological Controls

Prevention of foodborne illnesses increasingly depends on controlling contamination of food within manufacturing operations. We can help develop monitoring programs to locate, identify, and eliminate pathogens within an operation.

Food Safety Plan Development

We work in partnership with companies' management and food safety teams to develop and implement a strategic and effective food safety plan to reduce risk, prepare you for the unexpected, and ensure you have the tools to continuously improve your food safety plan in the future.

Food Defense & Food Fraud

New regulations and updated standards require food companies to address risks associated with intentional and unintentional adulteration, dilution, and substitution of food products in their food safety programs. We help companies identify those risks and develop mitigation strategies.

Supply Chain

We can develop supply chain management risk assessments, Supplier Approval Programs, and Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) to ensure product safety, regulatory compliance, and business continuity.

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Hear what clients have said...

"The work product and recommendations that come out are always very good. Very pointed, very commercial and aligned with the business, the operations and strategy."

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